The World's Internet Activity Every 60 Seconds, Visualized

The internet is an overwhelming place. There is simply too much happening, all the time. And now, we finally have in infographic that attempts to visually represent what it's like to be online. Here is what happens in the average 60 seconds on major online platforms, according to social media consultants Lori Lewis and Chad Callahan:

You will probably have noticed that this is not actually a pie chart — the slices aren't sized proportionally to the amount of traffic they represent. The different types of traffic aren't directly comparable to one another, anyway. But even given this graphic's limitations, wow are some of these numbers staggering. For Lewis and Callahan, the overwhelming amount of worldwide online activity in 60 seconds represents "a battle for consumer bandwidth." But it kind of just makes us want to log off.

[Visual Capiltalist]


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