Infographic: The Fastest Cars In Pop Culture

J&S Transportation takes a look at some of the most iconic cars in movies and TV, ranking them by their speed.
The famous DeLorean in Back to the Future needed to only reach 88 miles per hour (mph) to activate the flux capacitor, but some of the most memorable cars on the big screen have cruised at speeds well over 100 mph. But all of that speeding comes at a price. For example, did you know it took 13 different Bluesmobiles to create the stunts and car chases (all of them real, by the way) in The Blues Brothers? At the time of its release, the movie set a record for the number of cars crashed in a movie, according to the IMDb.
But some fast cars didn’t need crazy stunts to become legendary: cars like James Bond’s Aston Martin or the Ferrari in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off exude their legendary status right off the bat with sex appeal and utterly cool vibes.


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