Infographic: The Coppola Family, Interconnected

Map and Pop Culture enthusiast, and big fan of the Coppolas, Dylan Narqvist, takes us through the prominent family's work in film, in his graphic The #Coppola Family: An Interconnected #Cinema History.

Dylan offers some more info on the Coppolas, after sharing his infographic on Reddit.
The members of the family are the following :
- Francis Ford Coppola (used as a reference);
- Eleanor, his wife;
- Carmine and Italia Coppola, his parents;
- Talia Coppola (Talia Shire), his sister;
- Sofia, Roman and Gian-Carlo Coppola, his children;
- Gian-Carla Coppola (Gia Coppola), his granddaughter;
- Marc, Christopher and Nicolas (Nicolas Cage) Coppola, his nephews on the brother side;
- Jason Schwartzman and Robert Coppola Schwartzman, his nephews on the sister side.
Only the movies where at least 2 of them are involved are shown, which explained why some Coppola masterpieces like Lost in Translation are not displayed here, sadly.
In case it's not as obvious as I thought :
- A full Circle means the person directed the movie;
- Outer Rings mean acting inside the movie (even not credited small parts);
- Dotted Outer Rings are other actions (producing, music, etc.), always specified.


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